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  • JAMIEJamie Oliver - drums- click image to enlarge. Photograph courtesy of Jez Keefe. No copying of Jez's work without permission. www.jezkeefephotography.com PLANS TO BROADCAST THE SUBS LIVE

Jamie is currently planning to do a LIVE broadcast on 19th May at the U.K. Subs' gig at the Fleece in Bristol. With Demob and The Richard Heads in support this promises to be a great night for Subs fans worldwide. The last time Jamie attempted this (see 16/03/2012 news story below) he set up a webcam but didn't have time to do any pre-production or advertising.
Even so, the broadcast still attracted over 500 viewers to watch the show live.
Jamie is working on a couple of issues, and will be using multiple cameras including a crowd-cam. Utilising professional software to make all this happen and Jamie is confident he can get around 10,000 viewers this time.
So if you can't make the show you can tune in and watch online for FREE by going to Jamie's Facebook page and clicking the 'Ustream Live' button.
Saturday 19th May - 7.30pm
UK SUBS & Demob & The Richard Heads
Tune in LIVE at:


After Subs drummer Jamie Oliver joined the The Clem Burke Drumming Project for a first set of scientific experiments at Gloucester University on 3 April, he is now down to be tested further 'live' at the Subs' forthcoming gig at the 100 Club on 17 May.
The Blondie drummer's project is "based on the pursuit of knowledge through the application of scientific principles to the various art forms of drumming. It is committed to the dissemination of information leading to increased enjoyment, health and well-being of all participants involved in drumming..."
Jamie has revealed that they "will be monitoring heart rate, lactic acid in the blood, core temperature using an edible radio transmitting thermometer which will send a signal to a thermal receiver which will be placed on my body, and they will also be measuring my weight before and after the show."




Jet has recently revealed on his Facebook page that:

"In October last year, the UK SUBS Time & Matter team handed over a cheque to me for £270, which was the final money raised for the Japanese earthquake relief fund donation for my family in Japan from the Time & Matter Recordings' charity releases. The total raised for this particular cause was £1,000. However, after I talked with my family, we have decided to donate the £270 / 35000 JPY to Takahagi City in Ibaraki, Japan where I went to school for 9 years. I'd like to thank Mark and Rob, and everyone who bought the records for these charity releases. Cheers!"

Right - Jet's donation (click to enlarge)


(Full 2009-2012 T&M news items can be read on the 'LATEST U.K. SUBS NEWS' link)

30/04/2012: Jamie plans to broadcast the Subs live
26/04/2012: Jamie to be subject of 100 Club experiment
24/04/2012: Magnaminous donation from Jet
20/04/2012: Jet and Jamie's tattoos to feature in new book
17/04/2012: Rare Subs photo from 1979 in this month's Mojo magazine
06/04/2012: Another Subs donation to Japan
01/04/2012: Paul Slack's Blog
22/03/2012: BBC TV interviewing Charlie
17/03/2012: UK Subs named as support to NOFX
16/03/2012: Jamie runs live stream of gig in Hamburg
12/03/2012: This website hacked and disabled...
06/03/2012: YouTube interview with Charlie & Alvin in Slovakia
03/02/2012: Interview with Charlie & TV Smith in Düsseldorf


These are the latest tour dates that have been added...

Updated on 01/05/2012:

5th August: Empress Ballroom, Blackpool Rebellion Festival, England
1st June 2012: Club Revolution in Peterborough, England

Diminished Responsibility:

My Life as a UK Sub, and other Strange Stories...

***Updated 19th January***

CoolNew instalment published!Cool
Chapter Two: ALL CHANGE


T&M has already published FIVE instalments of this exciting series of memoirs from Alvin Gibbs about his life and U.K. Subs-experiences...
Today sees the SIXTH instalment of Alvin's life story published,
entitled: ALL CHANGE (part 1)

In Alvin's own words, his articles for T&M will be "a literary excursion through the fetid underbelly of infamy, glory, frustration, elation, chaos, indifference, contentment and pride which feature in equal measure in relation to my personal involvement with the United Kingdom Subversives."
Alvin is also searching through his own personal Subs collection of ephemera and memorabilia to provide some suitable scans and photographs to accompany this fabulous project.

Previous chapters archived in the T & Misc! section
to the right called "Alvin Gibbs' memoirs"


The above Alvin Gibbs photograph courtesy and copyright of Steve Worrall
Visit Steve's superb RETRO MAN blogsite HERE


Keeping you up-to-date with snippets of Subs related news from the internet...

27/04/2012: York Press - Welsh Subs fan travels hundreds of miles for Steve Roberts' autograph
21/04/2012: Paul Slack's Blog has been updated (20/04/2012)
(Keep up to date with Paul's band Monica and The Explosion on our exclusive T&M page here)

  • Homepage Picture Choice Number Twenty-Seven

(Previous homepage picture choices are archived in the T & Misc! section)

The below picture can be viewed at the Mirrorpix website: HERE
This is the Daily Mirror photo archive website, put in a search for 'Punk' to find this Subs picture that was taken on 14 September 1979. It is unclear where Mr Paul Slack was for this picture though?

  • Captain OI! Clamshell Collection

Captain Oi! Records' splendid range of Deluxe Clamshell Double CD Box Sets include the U.K. Subs' superb 'Complete Punk Singles Collection'.
You can also get the wonderful Skids' Singles set and the Ramones' awesome 'Loco Live'.
All come with brilliantly researched and informative bulging booklets as well as full colour CD album cover card sleeves for both discs.
These incredible releases are just £12-99 including free p&p to the UK.
Quicklinks as follows...
U.K. Subs: http://shop.captainoi.com/shopexd.asp?id=192
Ramones: http://www.captainoi.com/2012/01/the-ramones-loco-live-cd-box/
Skids: http://shop.captainoi.com/shopexd.asp?id=204

Photo by Nick Knight - click to enlarge"People, people, people, get involved. Play your guitar, do your fanzines, take photos BE INVOLVED.  One day it could all be worth something because it's not only history but the future too.  So live it, don't just be part of the audience, participate."



Charlie Harper, 17 December 1998 - quoted from an interview in Scanner Fanzine Issue 3

"If you want to know more about the line-up changes, or spot any holes in the discography, please make an urgent appointment with a counsellor. The UK Subs are an institution, of sorts. The fact that I like them, despite being as fashionable as asbestos, doubtless disqualifies me from polite society."


Laughing ...which is our favourite quote from 'No More Heroes', by ALEX OGG. Laughing
(Cherry Red Books, 2006)

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Charlie  Harper - vocals & harmonica - click image to enlarge. Photograph courtesy of Jez Keefe. No copying of Jez's work without permission. www.jezkeefephotography.comJet - guitar - click image to enlarge. Photograph courtesy of Jez Keefe. No copying of Jez's work without permission. www.jezkeefephotography.comAlvin Gibbs - bass - click image to enlarge. Photograph courtesy of Jez Keefe. No copying of Jez's work without permission. www.jezkeefephotography.comJamie Oliver - drums- click image to enlarge. Photograph courtesy of Jez Keefe. No copying of Jez's work without permission. www.jezkeefephotography.com

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