• U.K. Subs play Speedy O'Tubbs, Bellingham, USA


Charlie Harper - vocals

?? - guitar

?? - bass

?? - drums


Art Whitton recalls this gig:


"Just thought that I'd give you some info on this gig. Back story: I lived in Vancouver BC and hadn't had a chance to see the Subs in action before. Once they were blocked at the border, and another time it was rumoured that they broke up just before the show.  Either way, I figured that if wanted to see these guys, I'd have to travel south. So...
October 23, 1993 - Bellingham - Speedy O' Tubbs.
In an area known for rain, it was fucking pouring that night.  The club had an exposed rock wall inside and water was running down it.  It also kept a lot of people at home that night.  We got there early since they had really cheap beer that night (which sucked, since I was the designated driver!) but we were the first people in (before the cover charge took effect).
We shot pool and hung out.  Watched the other drowned rats enter from the deluge.  After a few hours, the opening band, Johnny Bravo came on and played a great set.  There might have been 20 people there.  Then the Subs came out and there might have been 30 people in the club by then.  Small crowd or not, Charlie and the boys ran through a great set.  Afterwards we went backstage and chatted with the band for a bit and then headed back to Canada.
Not a legendary night, but very memorable for a few reasons.  I still have the gig poster that Charlie signed for me - a classic.





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