• U.K. Subs play The Black Horse, Somercotes (Near Alfreton), England


Charlie Harper
(vocals & harmonica)
?? – guitar
?? – bass
?? – drums

  • Below: Gig ticket and post gig press cutting from the collection of Steven Lewis (via Kev Barksby's scanner!)... Click images to enlarge.

From the collection of Steven Lewis - click to enlarge

From the collection of Steven Lewis - click to enlarge

The above was on the front page of a local newspaper, possibly the Derbyshire Times or Nottingham Evening Post...

Page 2 reads:

"Insp Ken Stocks, Alfreton police, said the disturbance was brief and over before his officers arrived at the pub. He said the skinheads had already left the scene, but two youths were assaulted by a similarly described group of men at Pye Bridge, shortly afterwards."


Thanks to Steven and Kev for the above...

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