UK, 1981, GEMLP 112    From the collection of Nicky Garratt

France, 1981, PL 43507

Germany, 1981, PL 43507

Greece, 1981, RCLP20204

Portugal, 1981, PL 43507

Spain, 1981, PL 43507

UK, 1991, AABT 804 LP

Italy, 2005, GET134

UK, 2015, DEMREC72


  • Above right: Diminished Responsibility engineer The Duke Of Montenegro pictured at Alvic Studios, 1981. He claimed he really was the deposed Duke, according to Nicky Garratt.
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DR promo poster

  • Above: Diminished Responsibility promotional poster.
    The image is taken from an e-bay auction, August 2009, the item selling for £41-00
    The following was the description: "Large Card UK SUBS 1981/'82 - era promo poster for the "Diminished Responsibility" album. Measures 40" X 30" (101cm X 76cm). This is fully autographed by the band of the time - although the only signatures I can make out are Charlie Harper's & Nicky Garratt's. There are 2 additional autographs in the top left corner - one of which is by martin of Anti-Pasti, who were no doubt supporting the SUBS on the night - the gig was probably in Derby(?). Condition isn't great - a section of the bottom right is missing & there are various tears plus blu-tack residue etc."
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From the Mark Chadderton U.K. Subs collection

  • Above: Diminished Responsibility album review, Sounds 7 February 1981 p46
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Diminished Responsibilty Review?

  • Above: A slightly more concise but ill informed review.
    Origin unknown (Robin Katz, where are you now?)

Album release & tour news story

  • Above: Album release and tour news story, Record Mirror, 24th January 1981

Diminished Responsibility review

  • Above: Album review, NME, 21st February 1981.
    Note the use of photograph of previous line-up! Idiots >;o)