"We don't want no..."

From the Mark Chadderton U.K. Subs collection

  • Above: Millenium Dome UK release, 1999, CD single cover.
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Cat. No: RP006
Label: Raw Power Records
Released: 1999

Track listing: 
(we don't want no) Millenium Dome 
Wipeout Beach
Rare Disease 

There are no writing credits on the track listings

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar & vocals:
Bass & vocals: Alvin Gibbs
Matthew Best


This was the Dogs' third 'single', released in 1999, 16 years after the last 'single'.
It was also the Dogs' first CD single release as well, with the previous two offereings having been issued on vinyl only. All the tracks, rather disappointingly, were lifted from the Urban Dogs' third album Wipeout Beach.
The title track has a different name from the Wipeout Beach listing, where it is 'Millenium Dome', but this CD single version has two instances, one on the disc and one on the sleeve where it is listed as '(we don't want no) Millenium Dome'. However, the sleeve also lists the track twice in its shorter version!
Matthew Best is credited on this release for the first time without his nickname Turkey!


 From the Mark Chadderton U.K. Subs collection

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