"He looked at all the people on the magic ride..."

Artwork by Sven & Adrian Wear ...back cover

  • Above: Wipeout Beach CD release, 1998, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: RP003
Label: Raw Power Records
Recorded: April 1998
Released: 23 November 1998



Junkie Hell (Charlie Harper/Matthew Best)
Punk Rock City (Ian M. Carnochan) *
Millennium Dome (Ian M. Carnochan)
Whip Me, Whip Me (Ian M. Carnochan) @
Police State (Ian M. Carnochan)
Rare Disease (Alvin Gibbs)
State Of Grace (Alvin Gibbs)
Quarantine (Charlie Harper)
Destroy (Alvin Gibbs)
Don't Jump My Train (Alvin Gibbs)
Schizophrenia (Ian M. Carnochan)
This Machine (Charlie Harper) +
Step The Mind Gap (Charlie Harper/Matthew Best)
Hey Joe (Billy Roberts)
Baby Marley (Charlie Harper/Ian M. Carnochan)
Wipeout Beach (Alan Vega) >
Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot (Billy Childish) #

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper (Synthesise +)
Vocals, guitar, keyboard, programming:
Vocals, guitar, bass: Alvin Gibbs
Drums, programming: Matthew Best

Additional musicianship:
Christoph & Cord: Extra vocals #
Dan & Richard from Mouthwash: Backing vocals +
Toxin: Narration @ / Backing vocals *
Lydia N.: Backing vocals @
Mark Saunderson: Keyboard >
Laura B.: Bass >


Long awaited third album, originally set to be titled A DOG'S NOT JUST FOR XMAS and featuring one of Knox's paintings - of a dog being pulled along in the snow by a pillar box. These ideas were rejected by the distribution company Plastic Head. For more details, see Knox's introductory piece to the 2007 Polish CD re-issue of Wipeout Beach.


RP003 disc

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