"I'm walkin' down this railroad in my recycled shoes"

 Front cover Inside cover

  • Above: Mad Cow Fever Polish Cassette release, 1991, front and inside cover.
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Alternative cover Alternative inside

  • Above: Alternate cover with different colour scheme and additional text
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Cat. No: MG 1340
Label: MG Records
Recorded: November 1989 & August 1990
Released: 1991

Side One:

I Walked With A Zombie (R. Erickson) 3:32
Mandarins Of Change (Happer (sic)/Barth (sic)) 2:39
Boneyard (Harper/Barth (sic)) 3:44
Welfare Mother (Happer (sic)/Barth (sic)) 4:29
Saints And Sinners (Harper (sic)) 5:07
Pearl Divers (Harper (sic)) 3:18


Side Two:

Roadhouse Blues (Densmore/Morrison/Kreiger/Manzarek) 4:18
Talking 'Bout You (Ch. Berry) 1:52
Road Runner (E McDaniels (sic)) 3:08
Route '66 (R.W.Troup Jr) 2:18
Pills (E. McDaniels (sic)) 2:22
Baby Please Don't Go (M. Morganfield (sic)) 4:15
Last Bus Boogie (Happer (sic)/Barth (sic)) 2:18
Ecology Blues (Happer (sic)/Barth (sic)) 2:29


Line Up

Vocals & Harmonica: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Darrell Bath
Bass: Flea
Drums: Matthew McCoy


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 Cassette A side

Cassette B side

  • Above: Purple spined release cassette, both side

Cassette A

Cassette side B

  • Above: Green spined release cassette, both sides


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Originaly released on LP only, Mad Cow Fever has so far not appeared on Cassette in the UK on its own, but does appear as a double play cassette with Japan Today.

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