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Full Book Title: The Vibrators – twenty one years of punk mania
Author: Ian M. Carnochan (Knox)
Year Of Publication: 1997 - 2nd Edition September 1997
(Reprinted October 1998, July 1999, November 2000, March 2001, September 2001,
March 2002, April 2003)
Publishers: Desert Hearts
Format: Large A4 Ringbound
Pages: 121pp
ISBN: 1-898948-10-0

Synopsis of UK Subs content:

This is an essential read, as it contains many a reference to Charlie Harper, the U.K Subs as well as the Urban Dogs. There are also press cuttings concerning various Subs.
The book itself is a speedy and very honest run through of Knox's experience in one of the earliest punk bands, from 1976 to 1997. Knox chronicles the highs and lows of the Vibrators in a cheerful and frank style which provides a very enjoyable read. Knox's portrayal of 1992 is perhaps the highlight for this reviewer, with the zenith of the Vibrators supporting Die Toten Hosen to huge crowds and then the nadir of a dire sounding and miserable Canadian tour, which, provides a microcosm in one year for the bands career. The book is littered with some great comments and views, especially when the band are touring. Knox also gives us a glimpse of his musical journey pre-punk as well as a Vibrators gigography, discography and family tree.  BUY THIS BOOK NOW!




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