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  • Live at the Retford Porterhouse UK DVD release, 2003, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: CRDVD29
Label: Cherry Red
Recorded: 12th November 1983 / 3rd April 1983 / 20th April 1983
Released: 2003

Track Listing:

Retford Porterhouse
1. Violent Revolution (Harper/Scarlet)
2. Still Life (Harper)
3. New Barbarians (Harper)
4. Veronique (Harper/Slack)
5. Flood of lies (Harper/Scarlet)
6. Warhead (Harper/Slack)
7. In the wild (Harper)
8. In the red (Harper/Slack)
9. Another typical city (Harper/Scarlet/Slack/Jones)
10. Revenge of the jelly devils (Harper/Slack)
11. Limo life (Harper)
12. Working for the DB's (Harper)
13. Dress code (Harper/Scarlet)
14. Crash course (Garratt/McCoy/Harper)
15. Emotional blackmail (Harper/Garratt)

Manchester Gallery
1. Dragnet (Carnochan)
2. Scum of the earth (Harper/Garratt)
3. Party in Paris (Harper)
4. C.I.D. (Harper/Anderson)
5. Live in a car (Harper/Lyons/Garratt/Slack)
6. Tomorrows girls (Harper)
7. Teenager (sic) (Harper)
8. Stranglehold (Harper)

Leeds Brannigans (Urban Dogs)
1. Sex Kick (Into the future) (Carnochan)
2. Limo life (Harper)
3. Now I wanna be your dog (sic) (Osterberg/Alexander/Asheton/Asheton)
4. Warhead (Harper/Slack)
5. Dragnet (Carnochan)
6. War baby (Harper)
7. Human race (Harper)
8. For the worst (Unknown)
9. A bridge too far (Gibbs)
10. Troops of tomorrow (Unknown)
11. Human being (Thunders/Johansen)

Line Up

U.K. Subs:

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Captain Scarlet
Bass: Steve Slack
Drums: Steve S. Jones

Urban Dogs:

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Knox
Bass: Alvin Gibbs
Drums: Turkey (Matthew Best)



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