"It's about confusion on the telephone cos you can't the line and all that"

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Cat. No: LIP 2
Lightning Records
31st December 1977, 1st & 2nd January 1978

Side One:

Strange Boy (Blitz)
Smile And Wave Goodbye (Acme Sewage Co.)
Relics From The Past (Billy Karloff & The Goats)
I Live In A Car (U.K. Subs: Slack,Harper, Garrett (sic), Lions (sic)) 1.08
Telephone Numbers (U.K. Subs: Slack, Harper, Garrett (sic), Lions (sic)) 1.04
Get Yourself Killed (The Tickets)
Never Wanna Leave (The Red Lights)

Run-out groove: S - 7  LIP - 2 - A - 1 - IS  EG

Side Two:

Here Comes The Knife (XL5)
TV Drink (The Jets)
Sniper (The Streets)
Tough On You (Plastix)
Fun Fun Fun (The Bears)
Vertigo (Open Sore)
Lullabies Lie (The Crabs)

Run-out groove: S - 7  LIP - 2 - B - 1 - IS  EG

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Nicky Garrett (sic)
Steve Slack
Rory Lions


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