U.K. Subs play the Speicher, Husum, Germany

Line up:
Charlie Harper – vocals & harmonica
Nicky Garratt – guitar
Alvin Gibbs – bass
Jamie Oliver – drums

With The Vibrators


Harper, Garratt, Oliver & Gibbs in action


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Gig review

"One of those few punkbands that started out in the seventies and still are on the road played at SPEICHER. The UK SUBS (Photo) played in front of 200 people, after THE NOPES and THE VIBRATORS had heated up the audience. As only original-lineup-member of UK SUBS Charlie Harper was standing on stage. Guitar player Nicky Garrat came to the band one year after it launched in 1976 - Bass player Alvin Gibbs is a member since 1980. The cultic band was completed by drummer Jamie Oliver. In their 1 hour performance they showed that they haven't unlearned a thing. The audience was in a rollicking temper, in front of the stage they danced pogo."

  • Above: Press review & translation courtesy of P.N


Press review

"The old-school-punks from UK SUBS made the HUSUM SPEICHER burn.
In front of 200 fans, they and 2 more bands showed that punk is still alive.
As only original-lineup-member Charlie Harper took part."

  • Above: Second press review & translation courtesy of P.N


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