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January 13, 2010

New UK Subs Web Site Launched!

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The UK Subs, by far, are the single most influential late 1970’s street punk, proto-hardcore, tell the truth for the kids’ sake kind of band to bulldoze their way through pop history. Just listen to the harDCore style epitomized by bands like SOA and Minor Threat, and you’re bound to hear the Subs’ wall-of-sound. In fact, Mr. Rollins’ (then Mr. Garfield) grizzle-throated version of “Disease” might not capture the bastardized blues of Charlie Harper, now gleefully 65 years old, but it does match the punch and vitriol of the original. To the Subs’ benefit, they were no cardboard punk band — one-dimensional wankers with three redundant chords that they beat like a brat. Charlie always had one foot deep in the past – including late 1960’s street corner busking days and black music-filled pub life. They have trekked all over the globe, most notably raucous Poland during the very initial political thaw of the 1980s, and sun-burned Brazil, where crowds ate them up. Nicky, meanwhile, helped shaped 1990’s punk rock USA with his New Red Archives label, which helped foster the trajectories of Anti-Flag and Samian, just to name a few ‘little’ bands. Meanwhile, the band has continued to pour out records, each mirroring their first template — make it honest, bludgeoning, and heartfelt — for the most part. Finally, a web site is up and running that documents the Sub’s entire existence, and I mean every nook and cranny, from zine clips to ancient photos to obscure foreign singles. With ongoing love, work, and patience, Mark and his international crew of donators, including me, has helped us all by making sure the band finally has a fitting presence in the online punk pantheon.