• U.K. Subs play Brick By Brick, San Diego, Ca, USA

Line up:
Charlie Harper – vocals & harmonica
Nicky Garratt – guitar
Geoff Myles – bass
Jamie Oliver – drums

26 photos from this US tour, as well as a selection of tour posters from Miguel Conflict of Total Chaos
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Heiko Gerdes from Germany sent in the following info about this gig:

This is the set they played at the Brick by Brick in San Diego, 50 mins.
C.I.D. was sung by D-Shocker of Total Chaos together with Charlie.
Sorry, I have it on my tongue but can't name track 9 for the life of me!


01 Emotional Blackmail
02 Kicks
03 B.I.C.
04 Crash Course
05 Left For Dead
06 Rockers
07 Endangered Species
08 Down On The Farm
10 Barbie's Dead
11 New York State Police
12 Tomorrow's Girls
13 Warhead
14 Riot
15 Stranglehold
16 Limo Life
17 C.I.D.
18 I Live In A Car
19 Party In Paris
20 Disease 

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