• U.K. Subs play Magazzino, Brescia, Italy

Charlie Harper

(vocals & harmonica)
Nicky Garratt – guitar
Alvin Gibbs – bass
Jamie Oliver – drums

Charlie  Harper - Vocals & Harmonica. Click to enlarge Nicky - guitar - click image to enlarge Alvin Gibbs - bass. Click to enlarge Jamie Oliver -  Drums. Click to enlarge

All photographs* courtesy of Gemma Eggle (Libra Snake Photography).
No copying of Gemma's work without permission.
* Apart from Nicky picture: courtesy of Miguel Conflict

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The following news story appeared on the homepage:

13/2/2011: WORK IN PROGRESS Vinyl Colour Announcement

The LP vinyl colour, chosen by the T&M eds at the request of Captain Oi! supremo Mark Brennan will be... BLOOD RED!

This was chosen as it ties in with the track BLOOD, and also because it is a colour associated with the tracks 'Tokyo ROSE' and 'HELL Is Other People'!
There is also red on the cover so it should look BLOODY superb! Cool
The first 100 copies only will be on coloured vinyl, with the other 400 on black.