"...it was Tex my hairless dog."

Day of the dead front cover Day of the dead back cover

  • Above: Day of The Dead US release, 1997, front & back cover.
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Cat. No: NRA47
Label: New Red Archives
Recorded: October 1996
Released: 1997

A-Side: Day Of The Dead (Harper, Garratt, Gibbs)
Run-out groove: NRA - 47 - A  R - 16986

B-Side: Chemical War (Harper, Garratt)
              C.I.D. 1978 version (Harper, Anderson)
Run-out groove: NRA - 47 - B  R - 16987

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Nicky Garratt
Bass: Alvin Gibbs/Paul Slack (C.I.D)
Drums: Dave Ayer/Pete Davies (C.I.D)


The fourth Subs single release on New Red Archives, featuring two tracks from the Quinessentials/Riot recordings (Day Of The Dead and Chemical War), plus the 1978 single version of C.I.D. 

Recorded at Wally Sound in San Francisco and produced by Nicky Garratt.

Limited to two thousand copies in four different colours (500 of each), some signed copies (mostly clear vinyl) were sold through the Official UK Subs website.


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Blue vinyl A-side
 Blue vinyl A-side       Blue vinyl B-side Blue Vinyl B-Side
Clear vinyl A-side Clear Vinyl A-Side     Clear vinyl B-side Clear Vinyl B-Side
Red vinyl A-side Red Vinyl A-Side       Red vinyl B-side Red Vinyl B-Side
Orange vinyl A-side Orange Vinyl A-Side  Orange vinyl B-side Orange Vinyl B-Side


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