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"Subs drummer Jamie Oliver has been re-designing his website, and this includes a blog concerning the Subs' recent trip to Norway."

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UK Subs Norway trip

As I hopped on the National express coach at 2am on Thursday morning, going from Coventry to Gatwick, I couldn’t help feeling excited about returning to Norway. I’ve been there a few times now and from previous experience I knew we were going to have a blast. And the Norwegians didn’t disappoint…


Day 1 – John Dee, Oslo

5.20am and having arrived at Gatwick Airport, I checked my things in, went through security and found myself wondering around aimlessly waiting for the guys to show up at around 9 or so. By 8am the boredom had really set in and I hit the Weatherspoon’s for a nice, cool, relaxing pre-flight pint. Soon after the band arrived and we headed to our departure gate. As we got on the plane it quickly became apparent that a much needed couple of hours of in-flight sleep was going to be a near impossibility due to me being sat next to a child who had obviously seen the infamous “angry German kid” on youtube, kicking and screaming throughout the flight (much to the amusement of the rest of the band who were sat at the back of the plane). Incidentally, the kid’s parent’s didn’t give a flying cack about the rest of us, and allowed their precious little nerve grinder to kick and scream despite my cool, calm and collected requests for them to “shut that fucking kid up”. Later on when we arrived in Oslo, we found out that our promoter was on holiday in Spain, there was no-one to pick us up and (most importantly) we didn’t have a clue where we were going…Not a good start.

10pm and it was showtime. I remember looking out and thinking “Shit, there ain’t many here”. But the place soon filled up when our intro went on. And what a crowd! They were jumping around and singing throughout the whole set. After the show we packed up and went out with some friends from London who just happened to be visiting Oslo at the same time. We went to Elm St., a small punk rock bar located in the heart of Oslo and I was surprised at Charlie, who stayed out drinking with us until 5am. For a 67 year old guy that’s hardcore!!! Then we rather pissedly stumbled on back to our hotel.


Day 2 – Tromso

6.45am and I was rudely awakened by Charlie who was annoyed because I had overslept. I jumped up and we headed off to the airport. I was a little bit anxious about going back to Tromso, on my previous visit I’d had my bag stolen containing my phone, camera, clothing and all of the money I had made on the tour, and I was left walking around in -30 degrees (celsius) weather conditions wearing shorts, a tshirt and a leather jacket. Luckily I’d put my passport in my snare drum case (which I never do).

We were greeted at Tromso airport by a girl who asked us if we wanted to take the scenic route to the hotel. A question which was answered by a tired and hungover Alvin Gibbs who said “You’re fucking kidding aren’t you?”.

When we got to the festival we were blown away by the festival. The location was stunning. We had time for a quick interview and then headed to soundcheck before playing.