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Want Jamie Oliver to drum on your recordings?Jamie Oliver - drums - click image to enlarge. Photograph courtesy of Jez Keefe. No copying of Jez's work without permission.

U.K. Subs drummer Jamie Oliver is now providing a new service called REMOTE SESSIONS
Jamie, via his excellent website, is offering his fabulous drumming talent for your band or recording.
Jamie can provide you with high quality drum tracks for your record no matter where you are in the world. What he will do is record the drums in London and send you the raw audio files for you to do with as you please. This completely does away with the high costs usually associated with the hire of a session drummer.

How it works:
Jamie requires a deposit of 25% of the full amount and a rough copy of your song(s) to get the ball rolling. Once this is all settled he will then write the drum parts according to your specifications and send you a rough, low quality 1-track demo of the part for your approval. Once the green light is given and the amount outstanding has been settled, Jamie will then go in and lay the drum tracks down for real in his studio and will send you a download link, a login username and a password so you can download the audio files.

The link below is an example of a recent recording Jamie did, with no EQ on any of the drums, so no mixing whatsoever.
'Dissociative Drums' - a sample of Jamie's recording

This depends on your needs; please go to the website link below and use the contact tab at the left of the homepage to get in touch.



Further to their 27/6/2011 post the 'Tales from Bradistan' Blogsite has today published another photo from their Middle Aged Punks photograhic project. The first, of Charlie is archived here, the second, of Alvin is archived below:


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Alvin Gibbs

Here is the next portrait in my Middle Aged Punks series and features UK Subs bassist Alvin Gibbs. Alvin joined the Subs back in 1980, so he played on many of their successful sides. He still plays with the band and I took this portrait when he was in Bradistan a couple of weeks ago. Alvin has begun publishing his memoirs of his time in the UK Subs and even though only the prelude has been published, it makes an engrossing read.