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A double CD-box with a beerundercover pr what it is in this package and that is packed together with 28 songs on 2Cd´s. Cool release I think. Cd 1 I don´t need to listen to because there I have all the songs so many times but what songs that is. Wonderful songs like CID, Stranglehold, Warhead, Teenage and Party in Paris together with Self Destruct, New Barbarians and Hey Santa. You hear that this is a hitrecord with tough poppunk that only UK Subs can make. The second record is more interesting for me because I have already the most of the stuff with the group but here is songs  that I never have heard like 666 Yeah, Drunken Sailor and Day of the Dead together with 2008 years version of Warhead and it´s fun with this group. They have been going on for 35 years and they do it fucking good those days too and that is noticed on this record which is something both for the one who don´t have so much as for us who have “everything” with the group and it´s a really nice package and that you don´t get when you download it. 10/8-2011

Review by Peter Thorsson

From The Shields Gazette:

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Published on Wednesday 10 August 2011 16:23

CHARLIE Harper’s UK Subs were formed in London in 1976, and can claim to be one of the few punk bands never to have broken up.

They have had more than 70 different members, but the one constant has been Charlie, now well into his 60s.

This 2CD set lovingly collects the A-sides of their 28 singles, from 1978’s C.I.D. to 2008’s remake of their 1980 No30 hit Warhead, with several appearing on CD for the first time.

Hardcore fans will already have them all, of course, but this is a fine record of a band who just refuse to go away.

The quality varies a bit, but early cuts such as Tomorrow’s Girls and Teenage have stood the test of time remarkably well.

Anyone who considers themselves a punk needs to hear this. 6/10. GW