"Headlights flashing me"

SUP.LP.2001 front cover SUP.LP.2001 back cover

  • Above: Back-Stage Pass UK LP release, 1980, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: SUP. LP. 2001
Label: Supermusic Record Co
Recorded: 1980

Side One:

Slaughter + The Dogs - Where have all the boot boys gone?
Cockney Rejects - Wanna be a star
- Fireball
U.K. SUBS - Emotional Blackmail (Parts 1 + 2)
Manufactured Romance - You
Angelic Upstarts - Murder of L.T. (sic)
Exploited - Crashed out
Stiff Little Fingers - Closed groove

Run-out groove: SUP LP 2001 A1  A PRORKY PRIME CUT -

Side Two:

Cockney Rejects - Police car
Stiff Little Fingers
- Barbed wire love
Bob De Vries - I'm me
Angelic Upstarts - Police opression
Manufactured Romance - Long distance love
Slaughter + The Dogs - I'm mad
Anti Pasti - No government
Cyanide - Mess I'm in
U.K. SUBS - New York State Police

Run-out groove: A PORKY PRIME CUT  SUP LP 2001 B1

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Nicky Garratt
Bass: Paul Slack
Pete Davies


Featuring a bodged together version of Emotional Blackmail 1 & 2, this was originally recorded as one track then split with a fade-out and fade-in for Brand New Age. There is a definate join in the recording and the repeated guitar riff is not played as many times as the album version.

Nicky Garratt:

"We used to use PA company Supermusic from Yorkshire for some of the early tours. Headed by Dave Leaper, Supermusic had put together a hotch potch PA system which was patched together precariously. However, the crew, Dave (sound mixer), Chutch and Martin (back line), were great and very well liked by the band. Chutch in particular with his dry sense of humour, good nature and great one liners, became an integral part in the Subs organization eventually defecting from Supermusic to work for us directly."
(Reproduced from Nicky Garratt's 'Early Years', New Red Archives website) 


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SUP.LP.2001 side 1 Side 1 SUP.LP.2001 side 2 Side 2


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