"Girl you better stop playin' with my heart"

CAC 005 front cover CAC 005 back cover

  • Above: Freaked UK release, 1981, front & back cover.
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Cat. No: CAC 005
Label: RAMKUP Records
10th July 1981

A-Side: Freaked (Charlie Harper) 4'42
Run-out groove:

B-Side: Jo (Charlie Harper) 5'52
Run-out groove:


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Tony Conway
Keyboards: David Dudley
Bass: Steve Slack
Pete Davies


Charlie's second solo outing featuring the same line-up as the Stolen Property LP; ex-Subs bass player Steve Slack, ex-Subs drummer Pete Davies, Mood Six/Security Risk guitarist Tony Conway and Keyboard player David Dudley (fellow south London musician and Chelsea fan, now playing with Crush UK.)

Recorded in over two days at a studio in Salcot Road, SW11, London. Credited as engineered by Abbey which was the engineers name and not the studio. The 'Thank You Capt. Sensible' is a sarcastic reference to the fact that he was supposed to be producing the single, he turned up once, listened to what had been done then left.

A more melodic approach from Mr Harper influenced by the then Psychedelia revival. The run-out grooves allude to the girls sung about in the two songs, suggesting the lyrics are based on actual events.

Black vinyl only, manufactured in France for UK release, most come in picture sleeves but there a some in plain paper covers.

Dave Dudley remembers the photo shoot for the back cover;

"The pic on the back of the sleeve with all five of us was taken by Paul Slattery on the stairs at Gossips. Harper handed out the silk scarves. He asked me to change my Triumph motor bike t-shirt but I stuck to my guns. I also still have the dregs of the Harper cut and dye from some time earlier. Ramkup also managed to mix up me and Tony Conway. On the sleeve I'm labelled Tony and vice versa! Everyone looks moody but really we were just a bit pissed off having to wear Harper's poncey accoutrements! I don't know how the pic of Harper on the front was done but it was supposed to look psychedelic!"

A massive thank you to Dave for supplying us with the extra info.


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Half page advert

  • Above: Half page advert,  Sounds, 18th July 1981, page 13


Music press news article

  • Above: Music press article, Record Mirror, 4th July 1981


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