Editorial # 2 - 1st May 2011

Is it 2008, is it 2011... I don't care, I'm having too much fun!

Welcome to this, the long overdue second website editorial, strange how the best laid plans of action seem to get side tracked when you start something new.

The ethic of the T&M website from the start has always been 'the more the merrier', not only in its content but with its contributors too.

The Subs have a rich and diverse history that has touched and involved an incredible amount of people, all of whom have their own perspective, memories and story to tell.

I don't think either Rob or I anticipated the overwhelming response from Subs fans worldwide, when we set up this Subs-archive site back in October 2008.

Without wishing to blow our own trumpets too much, I can honestly say that we have worked incredibly hard to build the website up over the last 3 years or so...

...but you, the fans are a massive part of that history, and for your time and contributions to the website we, the editors are incredibly grateful.

To say we have been kept busy is an understatement, and for those of you who have submitted scans and photos from your collections, and have yet to see them put up, please bear with us, it'll go on the site eventually, as we work chronologically through what we have received.

Harping back though to the opening paragraph, this editorial thang was actually intended to be a quarterly look at what had previously gone on in the UK Subs universe in the last three months!

Side-tracked indeed. We have had many highlights in running the website thus far, most notably the wonderful contributions from the major players in the Subs story - Mr Harper, Mr Garratt, Mr Slack, Mr Davies and Mr Gibbs.

The amount of never before seen photos and memorabilia that they have given Time & Matter is truly breathtaking, and long may it continue.

The gigography, superbly started by Paul Mileman, the old website webmaster, is gathering apace, and we have many additions and/or amendments that we will be updating soon... always a Work In Progress this ;-)

Having also taken on the running of the UK Subs MySpace site, as well as the official UK Subs Facebook page, along with the popular UK Subs Facebook Fan Club site, is it any wonder that these last few years have flown by?

Perhaps our most satisfying achievement so far however has been the setting up of our not for profit company Time & Matter Recordings, with every penny of profit being donated to a charitable cause of Charlie Harper's choice.

Our three releases so far have raised over £1,000 and we have some scintillating forthcoming releases for you soon too...

We are just proud that we can give something back to a band who have given us so much over the last thirty-odd years.

I mentioned earlier the ethic of this website and with each generation of punk, there is always a debate about what exactly punk is? The UK Subs, as you know won the 6music Punk World Cup in 2010, a bit of light hearted fun maybe, but the love that was expressed for what Charlie and the band have woven into the Punk scene over the many years of touring was wonderful to hear.

To my mind, 'punk' was never just about the type of music, or the fashion/clothes... it was about an attitude of mind, and the way you treated and helped each other was an essential and enormous part of that. Punk should be diverse and all-encompassing and that is our ultimate aim for T&M.

So I bring this ramble to an end, and send out our heartfelt thanks to all the aforementioned wonderful people out there who have helped us establish Time & Matter as the UK Subs website.

Looking back to my first editorial, I would finally like to echo one of the suggestions in there... if you fancy writing the next T&M Editorial, then please do get in touch and you can climb on your very own Subs-soap box and have your say about something Subs related and/or what this amazing band means to you.


Cheers for now

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  • Below: Here's a little treat for those mad enough to have read this far!
    U.K. Suds! A previously unpublished photo of Charlie, circa mid-1980s. Click to enlarge

Thanks to Rita Perez for the pic - click to enlarge