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Charlie Harper
When we first discussed the idea of releasing some sort of U.K. Subs recordings under the banner of our Time & Matter website, we both knew that we weren’t going to do it to make money for ourselves. The U.K. Subs have provided us with so much pleasure and enjoyment in following their musical course over the decades that we thought it was time to give ‘something back.’ 

This ‘giving something back’ would be twofold. We wanted to provide fellow Subs fans with some ‘new’ semi-official product at reasonable prices, and whilst we were doing this, our other intent was to donate all profits to a charity.

So the question was ‘How do we decide who gets the cash?’ As our releases were going to be Subs recordings who else to ask, but Charlie Harper?

After first considering well known charities and after discussing our proposals with Charlie, he provided an obvious answer.

Charlie was very supportive of what we tentatively termed our "little bootleg label and charity idea", the only issue was that he thought in the majority of major charities, perhaps too much money donated ends up going on administration. Not enough ends up going directly to those who need the help.

The answer, after his suggestion, was that Charlie would choose an individual that he felt deserved some help/support and all the profit would go directly to them.

Time & Matter Recordings is therefore now registered as a ‘not for profit company’, which means that we can raise more money from each release and pass that on to each recipient without forking out to get proper charity status.

The recipient of the monies made on our releases will be changed once we feel that we have raised enough money to have made some sort of difference to their circumstances.

So far this has been after £1,000 in total has been donated to each charitable cause.

  • The current (3rd) recipient of monies raised from Time & Matter Recordings is Ko Slang, who is helping the people of Fukushima.
  • The 2nd recipient was Jet's family in Japan after the March 2011 tsunami and earthquake disaster as well as the people of Hitachi City where Jet originates from.
  • The 1st recipient was Michael Headjam (see article below)

Mark & Rob
Editors/Curators – Time & Matter website


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Cause 3 - Ko Slang's charitable work

The below was the news story for the announcement...

New Japanese charity operation helps the people of Fukushima through its ethical product supply...

T&M is delighted to announce that part of the profits from the sale of T&M Recordings’ 7” single and ALL the new profits from the other T&M releases will be donated to a ‘local’ charity ‘on the ground’, helping out the people around Fukushima in Japan.
Ko SlangThe organisation is called 'NBC Operation' and Charlie got to hear about the work they are doing through a friend of a good friend of Yuko’s. The name of our new recipient for monies raised from our charity releases is Ko Slang, who arranges to send help and provisions to the little villages in and around the areas where help is needed most. Ko also helps people with disability from Fukushima and also provides them with some form of employment to make them independent.
Ko has provided the following overview concerning his charitable work following the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster:
“After the massive devastating earthquake that hit the north east of Japan on 11 March 2011, we went to the devastated areas many times for our NBC Operation which sends relief to the earthquake victims. After a short time however, we began to think differently and thought that “this situation won’t change at all if we only keep sending relief." After the disaster, many of the actual volunteers themselves started to suffer from the ongoing situation. The idea followed that we should “try to create jobs as a means of further support, thus enabling the people to start to support themselves once more.”

So the “Support Their Independence Project” (STIP) was born. The STIP provides beneficial support and is the newest project extended from the NBC Operation. As well as sending relief to the victims directly, this new project is mainly for supporting mental care and to help give independence to those who lost their house and/or jobs from the disaster. Those benefitting from the scheme obtain a sort of "healing effect from work such as knitting or sewing" and through these "jobs" they can earn money. This is based on the idea of "fairtrade".

The STIP start this process by suggesting a manufactured item, then donate all the materials, and then buy the finished product such as original hemp knitted accessories and japanese patterned bags.
We then set everything up for order/sales/wholesales.

To summarise:

1) Recruit participants from devastated areas.
2) Suggestion of manufacture items through various meetings.
3) Participants then make items at the place where they live at the moment.
4) We buy the finished product.
5) We sell the items on our website, through exhibitions and via wholesale to small shops.
6) The participants then get all the sale money minus our expenses only.

Beside this magnanimous work the NBC Operation headquarters deals with charity t-shirts, animal protection goods, 'stop abusing children' goods and merchandise from disabled peoples institutions. Each sale helps the various causes and the charity is constantly looking to encourage and initiate more activities with many more ideas and devices to approach the multitude of problems currently ongoing within the beleaguered Japanese society.

Readers will also be interested to know that Ko is part of the DIY punk scene in Japan, being the singer with the band SLANG - click here to view their website

You can also make a donation anytime via the information contained on the Slang MySpace site HERE

Cause 2 - Jet's Family

Cause 1 - Michael Headjam

Michael was born in 1995, the youngest of four, his mother Sarah (a nurse at the time), knew instinctively something wasn’t right.

After two years of tests at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, it was discovered that Michael had a form of Genetic Metabolic Syndrome, a condition with a root cause and exact make-up that has no proper name.

Now fifteen years old, Michael is left with limited speech, some mobility issues, a risk of epilepsy and damage to his internal organs which will cause him problems in later life.

Despite all this, Michael is an active and happy teenager. He’s learning Makaton sign language to help him communicate; he loves football - with Chelsea and Brentford being his favourite teams – and he loves music and punk rock, especially the Subs (naturally!)

Left on her own, Sarah has taken care of Michael, but eventually had to give up full-time work. Sarah has had to support them both with the limited Carers allowance paid by the government plus the work she does driving for the U.K. Subs and other acts.

“It's wonderful the Subs have made such a heartfelt gesture. It shows what a wonderful crew they are. I've seen how hard they work, how professional they are and what it’s like touring with them. It's a privilege to be a small part of that, especially as they were also the soundtrack to my teenage years. How lucky am I? I'd have paid for the privilege... and now they look to help my Michael.”


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