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Full Book Title: No More Heroes - A complete history of UK Punk from 1976 to 1980
Author: Alex Ogg
Year Of Publication: 2006
Publishers: Cherry Red Books
Format: Large Paperback
Pages: 736pp
ISBN: 1-901447-65-0

Synopsis of UK Subs content:

This book is a phenomenal feat of research and information. Covering the obvious and the not so obvious bands from this period of punk history (and beyond), this really is recommended reading for anyone with an interest in punk music and its story.
It is mind boggling to think that the author cites the fact, in his introduction, that the original draft ran to more than twice the length of that which was eventually published! Pages 644 to 658 cover the U.K. Subs, but there are numerous references to the Subs throughout.
There is a comprehensive discography on each band covered as well, and the Subs' history, like the rest of this mighty tome, is written with a touch of humour that won't be to everyone's taste, but Time & Matter website isn't in that camp!
Our favourite quote from Ogg has been on our homepage since day one, and there is so much more to enjoy, such as
Ogg's point about GEM Records should've backed the Subs' song Party In Paris as a eurovision entry, instead of bankrupting themselves pushing another artist for that show!




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