"Loaded 44, walking armour store"

MAYO CD 121 front cover MAYO CD 121

  • Above: Border Guards UK CD release, 2001, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: MAYO CD 121
Label: Harry May Records
Recorded: Various (C.I.D - 2000)

Track Listing:

We've Got The Power
If The Kids Are United
Screaming At The Nation
Murder Missile
Border Guards
The Art Of Brutality
Foreign Affairs
All The Way To Glory
Empire Of Crime
Visca El Barca
Who Pulls The Trigger
Reality's Outside
Breaking All The Rules
Loyal They Remain


Line Up

Vocals: Steve 'Cast Iron' Smith/Charlie Harper#
Guitar: Tony Van Frater
Bass: Gaz Stuart/Gaz Stoker/Lainey
Drums: Mitch/John Forster/Lainey/Ian



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