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June 2010


Welcome to the Subs bassist's 2010 tour blog, in which Paul will be detailing what daily life is like whilst touring.

In his blog you will find descriptions of venues, support bands, and of the various people that Paul meets along the way. Interwoven in all this is the fascinating story of Paul's comeback into music, after over two decades of being parted from his bass!

Paul will also share various photos from his travels with the bands he plays with, which at the moment are the Flying Padovanis and Monica and The Explosion...

The first entry for this month is at the foot of the page, with the latest entry at the top!




  • 24th June - The Flying Padovanis
    at the Tridays Festival, Newchurch, Austria

Henry, Chris and I flew to Munich from Heathrow on the morning of the 24th. Henry had arrived in England the day before so we could rehearse. Rehearsing with these guys is always a pleasure and as we rehearse so infrequently there's always a fresh feel to what we're trying to achieve…

We were met at the airport by Peter, who was to drive us to the festival in Neukirchen, high in the Austrian Tirol. Every year the town is renamed Newchurch for the duration of the festival and becomes a small part of England. This is because the main sponsor is the Triumph motorcycle company and therefore the town embraces everything British.

There was a Routemaster double decker bus driving around the town along with a black cab, people dressed as Beefeaters, British Bobbies, and the Union Jack is flown from most buildings. All of which gives a surreal feeling to the place.

Peter turned out to be a Michael Schumacher wannabe, as he seemed to love driving as quickly as possible around those twisting alpine roads, no doubt secretly enjoying our discomfort at being thrown around in the back. Actually Peter was a really cool guy - like so many of the people we met that weekend.

Our hotel was right in the centre of town, and after we checked in we decided to have a wander around to see what was going on.

Neukirchen is a mid-size ski resort within the Provence of Salzberg, and is surrounded by some of Austria's highest mountains. Even in June some of these mountains were still snow-capped and they provided a magnificent backdrop as we sat and sipped our beers outside one of the numerous bars that lined the main road through the town.

We weren't due to play until the following evening so we went to the pre-festival party in one of the big hotels at the top of the town. Henry and I seated ourselves outside while Chris went to make a phone call. When he returned he made a magnificent spectacle of himself by leaning heavily on our unsecured tabletop and managing to flip all of our beers into the night sky and all over himself. There was broken glass everywhere... yes the English lager louts had arrived!

Anyway the diversion allowed Baron and Prince to introduce themselves and we ended up having a drink with them at some point every evening of our stay. Prince in particular seemed to enjoy a drink or two. They were both helicopter pilots with the German forces. Baron was already retired, and Prince was just about to. Given the amount of booze he was getting through, maybe that wasn't such a bad idea. There have been too many instances of people getting caught in “friendly fire" recently to my mind.

The next two days were spent walking around staring at beautiful bikes and drinking. Our VIP passes allowed us free drinks and food at two of the bars. The booze bit was great but there is only so much fucking schnitzel a body can take!

The shows went well and we played as well as I can remember. The crowds were quite tough; after all, these people were bikers and bike fanatics - not necessarily music fans. But all in all I think we did a good job - receiving encores on both nights.


  • Below: Paul's pictures from the Tridays Festival trip.
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Whilst I was in Austria I was getting daily reports from Monica. It was good to hear she was doing so well with her solo tour of California and Minnesota, but also that she was really looking forward to coming home to start working with the band to promote the new album. That was more good news to my ears…