Mark at the 100 Club, London, 1987 - click image to enlarge

Ex Subs bassist Mark Barratt contacted the website in August 2010 to reveal that he "had gone though some old diaries and stuff", to send us what he had from the period he was Subbing during 86/87. Mark added that "It's not complete though it is what I have documented."

Mark also kindly uploaded some rare video footage to YouTube for Time & Matter... cheers Mark!


Below: Full U.K. Subs gig featuring Mark from 1986...

"I remember this gig in particular as it's the one I wrote about in the 80s fanzine (though I think I said it was Belgrade when it's clearly Subotica, Nov 15th)... Scarlet pushed me into the crowd at about 53mins (come uppance for teasing the screaming girls I guess)... marvellous how the footage has just turned up 26 years later. Also a great example of the marvellous crowds we used to get over there. They're still chanting right at the end."
Mark - 12 July 2012


The below information and ephemera will be added to our gigography and chronology in due course.





?,? Rockhouse, Derby
23rd 100 Club London

?,? Tiffs, Rochdale (?)
9th Mardi Gras, Nottingham
24th Simplon Groningen, Holland - 1st night of European tour - see video and ticket below
25th De Koog, Noord-Scharwoude, Holland
26th Goudvishal, Arnhem, Holland
30th 1000 Apples, Antwerp, Belgium

24.10.1986 ticket - click image to enlarge

1st Drieluik, Zaandam, Holland
2nd Zwolle, Holland
6th Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
7th Music Theater BAD, Hanover, Germany
9th Quartier Latin, Berlin, Germany
10th Zeche, Essen, Germany
11th Wartburg, Wiesbaden, Germany - see flyer below
13th Arena, Wien, Austria
14th Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
15th Subotica, Yugoslavia
16th Belgrade, Yugoslavia
17th Zagreb, Yugoslavia
19th Mulhouse, France
20th Paris, France (gig cancelled when we got there - police and everything!)
21st Wapp, Brest, France
22 Cherbourg, France

11.11.1986 flyer - click to enlarge



3rd - 9th Spanish Tour (Final gigs for Jim Moncur and Geoff Sewell). Exact dates and venues unknown - think there were 5 shows.

The Surprise, Clerkenwell, London (1st gig of 3 week residency as warm up gigs for Darrell Bath and Dave Wilkinson - see photo below)

Surprise 1987 - click to enlarge

The Surprise, Clerkenwell, London

7th The Surprise, Clerkenwell, London
17th Shelleys, Stoke On Trent (support Broken Bones)
21st Stairways, Birkenhead (Street Legal debut)
28th Tonypandy Naval Club, South Wales (I think we played twice - matinee and late - see photo below)
You have an unknown 100 Club date in Feb - could be correct as I did play here a few times

Tonypandy 1987 - click to enlarge

Flyer March 1987 gigs - click to enlarge

- see flyer above
20th Town Hall, Evesham
24th 100 Club, London (support Red Letter Day) - see flyer and photo below
25th Silks Club, Thatcham
26th Reids Club, Southend
27th Zap Club, Brighton

100 Club 1987 - click to enlarge

Flyers - click to enlarge

2nd Clenton House, Letchworth
3rd Tech College, Chesterfield
9th ?, Birmingham
14th 100 Club, London (support Sic Boy Federation)  - see flyer above right
16th Mardi Gras, Nottingham (support Canker Opera + Sic boy Federation)
?,? Woolwich, London
?,? Gossips, London
?, Basins Dance Hall Portsmouth - see setlist scan below
23rd Boys Club, Bedford - see video

Portsmouth setlist 1987 - click to enlarge


You have a Brixton date on the 16th  - could be correct. I remember it was a small pub gig not far from Charlie's.
25th Stairways, Birkenhead
You have Cleethorpes on the 29th - could be correct. I remember a Cleethorpes gig.


4th Greyhound, Fulham - see flyer below
?,? The Crypt, Hastings

July 4, 1987 flyer - click to enlarge