RPR 003 cover

  • Above: "Soft Lights And Loud Guitars" UK DVD release, 2010, front and back cover.
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Cat. No: RPR 003
Label: Radar Proof Recordings
18th December 2009
Released: 9th September 2010

Track Listing:

1. B.1.C (Harper,Garratt)
2. Kicks (Harper,Garratt)
3. Squat 96 (Harper,Gibbs)
4. Emotional Blackmail (Harper,Garratt)
5. Left For Dead (Harper,Garratt)
6. Rockers (Garratt,Harper)
7. Bitter & Twisted (Harper,Gibbs)
8. Limo Life (Harper,Garratt)
9. Endangered Species (Harper,Garratt)
10. Killer (Harper,Garratt & Slack (P))
11. Blues (Harper,Garratt)
12. Tomorrows Girls (Harper)
13. Teenage (Harper)
14. Warhead (Harper,Slack (P))
15. Riot (Harper,Butler)
16. Stranglehold (Harper)
17. C.I.D (Harper,Anderson)(Encore)
18. I Live In A Car (Garratt,Harper,Slack (S),Lyons
19. I Couldn’t Be You (John Presley: Arr by Harper)
20. Disease (Garratt,Harper)
21. Hey! Santa (Kevin Wilson)(2nd encore)
22. Strychnine (The Sonics)
23. Party In Paris (Harper)
24. She’s Not There (The Zombies)
25. New York State Police (Harper,Garratt)

Line Up

Vocals & Harmonica: Charlie Harper
Jet Storm
Paul Slack
Jamie Oliver


RPR 003

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Re-issue of T&M 002/RPR 002, commisioned by Charlie Harper for the band to sell at gigs, more info here

Redesigned cover and DVD with re-edited footage plus extra bonus features.

Features commemorative 6music Punk World Cup postcard.


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