Number Eight:


From the 1982 USA tour with the Anti-Nowhere League. Waiting on the train platform, unknown location. Front is Charlie Harper, the girl with red hair is Katie (now Asling as she married Mal Asling the then Subs drummer). She worked for FBI booking at the time. The next four left to right are Nicky Garratt, Alvin Gibbs, Lenny Fico (tour manager - giving finger) and Dennis Sheenan (ANL tour manager). The man with the arm in the air is Kevin Harvey (sound), against the blue pole is J.J. (ANL drummer). Behind Lenny also giving the finger is Winston (ANL bass) and to his right is Chutch, the Subs roadie. Turning away behind Winston is Magoo (ANL guitar) and in the red jacket is Animal (ANL vocal). Image description by Nicky Garratt. Click image to enlarge.


From the collection of Nicky Garratt