The information below will be greatly added to in time. Where Pete has played a gig supporting the U.K. Subs, this will appear both in his gigography as well as this musical timeline.


In early 1978, Pete is playing drums with DICK ENVY.

15 January: Played a Dick Envy gig at the Castle Tooting, with the U.K. Subs headlining. The Police (not the band!!) showed up (excess noise?) and stopped the gig, meaning the Subs never got to play!
9 February: Dick Envy gig at the Mitre Tooting (although Dick Envy were also said to support U.K. Subs at the Plough?) POSTER HERE
21 March: Dick Envy gig at the White Lion, London (possibly with U.K. Subs)
1 April: Played a Dick Envy gig at the Pegasus (Rochester Castle), London, with the U.K. Subs.
1 May: Played a Dick Envy gig at the Bones Club, Reading, (All dayer) with the U.K. Subs. Tubeway Army headlined.
5 May: Pete turned up for an audition for Public Image Ltd at the Base Studio in Tooley Street, but John Lydon told him they’d already chosen a drummer.
15 May: Pete ‘joined’ the U.K. Subs at the Railway Hotel, London.
23 May: BBC recording session.
17 June: Alan Freeman plays ‘Stranglehold’ on his radio show.
17 July: Pete spoke to City Records.