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Ko Slang acknowledges another donation from the Subs camp - click to enlarge

£400-00 RECEIVED - 27/01/12

Fund box by Ram Dug - click to enlarge

Following the horrific events in Japan, in March 2011, Charlie and Yuko asked for information to be made available on the Time & Matter homepage.

The website subsequently raised monies for Japan throughout 2011 with a variety of releases, Jet sold one of his guitars and the band's merchandise stall carried an 'Earthquake Appeal' collection box for Subs fans to donate for the cause.

The collection box raised just over £380 and the recipient of monies, Ko Slang, who is active on the ground bringing relief to those in need around Fukushima has today received another cheque for £400 from Yuko.

Together we have raised over £3,000 for the people of Japan, and hopefully we can continue to raise lots MORE! 

Yuko and the band would like to thank all you Subs fans who have contributed to the appeal, you really have made a difference Smile

Ko previously received a payment of £1,000 from the T&M website - click here for more info on that...

Ko's Blog is where the above photo was taken from...
Ko works for an organisation called 'NBC Operation' and arranges to send help and provisions to the little villages in and around the areas where help is needed most. Ko also helps people with disability from Fukushima and also provides them with some form of employment to make them independent.
For further and detailed information on this vital charity work being carried out: CLICK HERE
Beside this magnanimous work, the NBC Operation headquarters deals with charity t-shirts, animal protection goods, 'stop abusing children' goods and merchandise from disabled peoples institutions. Each sale helps the various causes and the charity is constantly looking to encourage and initiate more activities with many more ideas and devices to approach the multitude of problems currently ongoing within the beleaguered Japanese society.
Readers will also be interested to know that Ko is part of the DIY punk scene in Japan, being the singer with the band SLANG - click here to view their website
You can also make a donation anytime via the information contained on the Slang MySpace site HERE