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Riots press info - click image to enlargeCharlie to play 'Party In Norway' in August

Paul Mileman's new band RIOTS are up and running, and Charlie Harper will be playing Paul's 45th birthday party on 24th August 2012 at Gamle in Oslo in Norway.
Subs fans will recall that Paul's previous band, Goldcrush did the same thing 5 years ago (YouTube footage here), and it was so brilliant that they've decided to do it again.
Riots ripping it up live - click image to enlargeAs per the last time, Paul's band will be the backing band for the night, this time, featuring two guitarists.
Paul is asking for YOU to send in requests as to what songs they should learn to play.
So far RIOTS have rehearsed two Subs songs: 'Violent City' and 'Endangered Species'.
The whole gig will also be recorded.
Limited tickets will be available only to people who "Like" the band - click here

Check out the brilliant RIOTS official website - CLICK HERE