• U.K. Subs play Zu Bar, Pescara, Italy

From a canvas print by Fishbones photography - Click to enlarge



Charlie Harper - vocals & harmonica

Jet - guitar

Alvin Gibbs - bass

Jamie Oliver - drums


Band line up photos by
Fishbones Photography



Poster for the Italian dates on the 2012 Euro Tour - click to enlarge


Below: Pictures from Jet's Facebook page. Click to enlarge

"A photo from the stage..."

A photo from the stage

"Italy here we come! Tonight at Zu Bar in Pescara. Great weather here, winter tour suddenly turned summer tour!"


"Enjoying UK SUBS wine. This is made by tonight's promoter Stefano. Cheers everybody!"

From the wine club!

Cool Cheers Jet Cool

Picture by Olandese Volante from the 1/3/2012 gig at the Zu Bar, Pescara, Italy - click to enlarge

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