• U.K. Subs play King Edward VII, Norwich, England


Charlie Harper - vocals & harmonica

Jet - guitar

Alvin Gibbs - bass

Jamie Oliver - drums

Subs at Warwick Castle May 2012 - click to enlarge




Time & Matter was contacted about this gig by Andy, who comes from the village of Thundersley, in Essex, which is around 100 miles from Norwich.

He wanted to thank Charlie for making this gig so special for his daughter Amy, who is 17.

Andy told us that he “knew Charlie was a top man...” as he’d “been going to see the Subs for over 30 years”, but for this gig he was going to “take (his) daughter Amy along with him to see them for first time”.

Andy, who is 46, takes up the story, “I’ve always had punk music playing since both my children were young. My Amy has always liked it. Her favourite has always been Green Day, but over the last few years she has been getting into old school punk and I even have to take her to record fairs now. She has an amazing collection, from Slaughter and the Dogs to the Pistols and of course the U.K. Subs. A lot of people in the music industry are up their own bum, but the Subs have never been like that, they always have time to chat to people who go to their gigs and that makes them a cut above the rest.
So when we got to the Norwich gig we got our tickets and stood outside. We then saw Charlie and went over and had a chat... he stood for a picture with my daughter and said he would do ‘Party in Paris’ for her when the band played. We then went in and got a drink. Whilst at the bar Charlie came over and chatted to my daughter. He then pointed out that there were t-shirts her size on the stall so we went and got one. Then I got a poster off the wall and saw Charlie and he kindly signed it for her. He also said to me that when they go on, I was to stand at the back with her as he said he didn’t want her to go to the front in case she got hurt. What a proper nice thing to say! So with the band on the stage, true to his word, he dedicated ‘Party in Paris’ to Amy. However, it didn’t end there as a few songs later he also dedicated ‘Teenage’ to her. Unbelievable! We didn’t ask for that – Charlie just did that off his own back. The band played brilliantly as usual and I never cease to be amazed at how good they are. When we left, my daughter was just so happy and it really made her night. I hope that by the website publishing this story Charlie will see what a fantastic thing he did. It made my daughter’s night and for that I’m really grateful. Amy’s signed poster is already on her bedroom wall along with the ticket. She would love for Charlie to know how grateful she was and what a brilliant time she had. To see my daughter’s face light up at both songs - it’s an amazing feeling - only a proud parent can have.

Many thanks Charlie.... from Andy and Amy.

CHEERS TO ANDY FOR SHARING THIS GREAT STORY WITH US ALL... Above is a picture of Amy and Charlie, click the image to enlarge...


Below: Steve Ignorant of Crass popped along to see the Subs. Click pictures to enlarge


Above by Gary Thompson, below by Yuko

Below: Charlie and Pete Davies with their Charlie's Harbour Rats 7" pic disc single

Thanks to Andrew 'Gibbon' Gibson for the two below posters - click to enlarge

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