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altaltCharlie's grandson Marley Perez, who plays rhythm guitar and is lead vocalist with A-M-I have recently been working with Charlie in studio 284 in Brighton, On Saturday 11 August they took part in the 'Afternoon Sessions' at the Blind Tiger Club in Brighton, and Charlie guested on their cover of the UK Subs classic 'Emotional Blackmail'.

A-M-I are looking to play live at any opportunity, but mainly in the Sussex area. Please message the band for details via their Facebook page HERE.

Below are a couple of photos from this gig, which included such people as Captain Sensible and ex-Subs bassist Paul Slack in the audience.
There are quite a few more photos from this gig on the A-M-I Facebook page.

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A-M-I are:

Marlon Payne - Lead guitar & BV // Bram Payne - Bass guitar & BV
Marley Perez - Rhythm guitar & Lead vocals // Harry Stagg - Drums

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