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altJohn Peel's extensive record collection is in the process of being archived online, with 100 of his LP's at a time being put up for each letter of the alphabet. The archivists have just uploaded the U's and there are 6 U.K. Subs LP's featured: 'Another Kind Of Blues', 'Brand New Age', 'Crash Course', 'Diminished Responsibility', 'Huntington Beach' and 'Peel Sessions'.

Each release archived from John's collection features a card index of tracks as well as scans of LP covers and the records in their inner sleeves. altAlso of interest are the song times that appear on some paper inner sleeves, with some of these times having an asterisk marked against them. It is probable that these asterisks denoted a song being played on Peel's Radio 1 show. altFor example, on 'Diminished Responsibility' the opening track 'You Don't Belong' has two asterisks marked against it, possibly meaning it was played twice on the show? If this was the case, then it would seem that John Peel also played 'Time & Matter' and 'New Order' from this particular Subs LP.

In these first 6 Subs LP's featured, there are white label copies of 'Brand New Age' and 'Diminished Responsibility', with the former also featuring a scan of the sales information sheet that came with his copy. Peel's copy of 'Diminished Responsibility' also seems to have come in a 'proof' sleeve.
These more interesting items are archived below and above. Click the images to enlarge.

  • John Peel's archived record collection - click here
  • QUICKLINK... see the archived 'U' shelf - click here

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Update: 24/9/2012 The John Peel Archive on flickr also upload photos of various finds within the LP sleeves, of which you can see 3 U.K. Subs promo shots from Huntington Beach: CLICK HERE


We've archived them below too! Click images to enlarge.


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