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  • BOOK NEWS! 'The Art Of Punk' / 'Covered' / 'Telling Stories'

altThere are a few recently published or to-be-published books with U.K. Subs related content to report on.

First up is the forthcoming
THE ART OF PUNK by RUSS BESTLEY & ALEX OGG. The pre-sale information reads:
"The first ever comprehensive review of punk graphics celebrates a wide range of punk posters, flyers, album cover art, fanzines and fashion ephemera. Famous graphics for legendary bands like the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, the Damned and the Clash are included, along with less well-known examples from around the world, (including China, Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans, South East Asia and beyond). Covering 40 years of artwork the illustrations include graphics from the UK and US Punk scenes as well as from the Pub Rock, Oi, Anarcho, Hardcore, DIY and early Detroit Proto Punk movements. This collection includes no fewer than 900 illustrations from famous names, including Malcolm Garrett, Linder Sterling, Peter Saville, Barney Bubbles, Raymond Pettibon, Barry Jones, Jill Mumford, Winston Smith, Paul Henry and Chris Morton, as well as many anonymous and uncredited designs. Also featured are previously unpublished images by Arturo Vega, Peter Gravelle, Steve McGarry, and Jamie Reid."
Additionally, the authors of this book have informed T&M that the book "features the cover for the U.K. Subs' 'Another Kind of Blues' LP, obviously a classic album cover" as well as "a gallery of all the Subs' coloured vinyl singles from the early days, plus one of the posters for their debut single C.I.D."

Secondly, COVERED by JAN BELLEKENS, which reproduces classic LP covers along with those that imitated them. Of interest to Subs fans is the section on the Rolling Stones' album cover for 'Exile On Main Street', which the eponymous debut album by the Urban Dogs used as its inspiration. Reproduced below is the cover for the book as well as the page featuring the Urban Dogs, with a brief commentary from the author. Click the images to enlarge.

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altThirdly, TELLING STORIES by TIM BURGESS who is the vocalist with The Charlatans, who went from supporting The Stone Roses to having three UK number one albums and seventeen Top Thirty singles. The book is a "frank and vivid memoir" in which we learn that the U.K. Subs' classic 1980 7" single 'Warhead' was the first song Tim learnt to play!
Reproduced here is the cover for the book as well as the page featuring Tim's brief mention of the U.K. Subs. Click the images to enlarge.


  •  Tim Burgess' book - available on Amazon - click here