• U.K. Subs play Lock 42, Leicester, England


CHARLIE HARPER - vocals & harmonica

JET - guitar




Subs at Warwick Castle May 2012 - click to enlarge


Pictures by Mitchell Woodland on Facebook of this gig: CLICK HERE*

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Below: A post on Facebook from that marvellous photographer
and all round good chap Mr Jez Keefe.

"Ever wandered what goes on in a UK SUBS mosh pit? Here ya go!!
Warning: People seriously enjoying themselves...

No animals were harmed in the making of this video but millions of human braincells were destroyed ( for those who still had some )

Cast Includes:

Gail Jones, crowd surfing, barefoot moshing & filthy feet! Paula Jones, alcohol consumption above and beyond, bar ran dry! Yuko Morinaga, sausage roll thief! Joe Coombs, jumping around likely to cause a breach of the peace! Frank Hearn, less said the better! Graham David Burniston, The Pogo Master! Rob Cook Time & Matter enterprises! UK SUBS are: Jamie Oliver, very loud drumming! Alvin Gibbs connoisseur of fine bass lines! Jet, master of chords & riffs! The one & only Charlie Harper Punk Rock Legend! Oh yeah n me Jez Keefe taker of the odd decent pic now n then....




Below: Ticket - click to enlarge



Below: Charlie Harper gets up to do Pills (Bo Diddley) with support band First Wave


Thanks Dave Bennifer


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