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  • 12/03/2013: Another great review for XXIV

The 'Street Voice UK' MySpace site review of the new album gives it 8 out of 10.

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This release has been hanging around for ages in my PO Box but hey I did give them my new address! Anyway this is the 24th official album release from the UK Subs and in fairness a good one too! The only track I really didn't like on this release was 'Coalition Government Blues' but all the rest I enjoyed in varying degrees. Tracks such as 'Implosion 77', 'Black Power Salute' and 'Workers Revolution' really did it for me and they show the UK Subs at their very best. Fourteen punk rock tunes that do deserve a listen. If that wasn't enough there's twelve bonus tracks where the UK Subs go acoustic. They are the icing on the cake especially when you hear 'Sleeping Rough' and 'Stop The Global War'. It's time to play this again so I'll wrap the review up here! 8/10