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RC cover - click to enlargeThe new issue of RECORD COLLECTOR Magazine is in the shops from 28/3/2013, and includes an article on the U.K. Subs by regular punk contributor Shane Baldwin.

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UK Subs have been punk since The Roxy. In fact Charlie Harper, who still rocks like a mad teen, remembers The Kinks and the Stones as upstart club acts! He mines his memory for Shane Baldwin, who also talks to the current Subs and the band’s original classic line up.


altThough it sometimes seems that way, it’s not actually true that the UK Subs have been with us since the late Cretaceous period. But there’s no denying they’ve been round the block a few times. The Subs have always been an honest, straight-up-and-down punk band with no pretensions or claims to high art, but their musicianship has always been top-notch, and along the way they’ve turned out some of the finest punk songs ever.


The first line-up, in 1976, was born out of singer Charlie Harper’s pre-punk R&B outfit The Marauders. The UK Subs were soon gigging, but their vinyl debut didn’t come about until April 1978, when two tracks, I Live In A Car and Telephone Numbers (recorded on 31 December 1977) were included on the patchy Farewell To The Roxy compilation on the Lightning label.


By the time the Subs were invited by John Peel (a big fan, who even offered to stump up the cash for a single when a deal wasn’t forthcoming) to record the first of three sessions for his show in May 1978, a good many members had passed through its ranks. The trend that has continued over the decades to such an extent that the few punk musicians who haven’t been asked to play with the band start to become paranoid and check their personal hygiene. But by then, the first classic Subs …