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Another great review for XXIV

The 'Mass Movement Magazine' website has given XXIV a thumbs up!

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UK Subs – XXIV CD (Captain Oi!)

The UK Subs have named their albums sequentially following the letters of the alphabet – starting with “Another Kind of Blues”, now some 36 years down the line we find them at the letter X -surely not long now until Guinness Book of Records time – although they’ve surely broken numerous records in their long and illustrious career. I have to say I tend to approach a new record from “old” punk bands with caution. So many bands shoot themselves and their reputation in the foot with a sub-par rock offering that is pedestrian at best. Not so the UK Subs. I haven’t always followed them, but each time I’ve seen them live it’s been a pleasure to witness the energy of a tight punk rock unit and hearing all the classics. The great thing about this is that the Subs have absolutely nothing to prove. They have the luxury of playing exactly what they want and the result is as vibrant and fresh sounding as anything you’re likely to hear this year. Charlie has got a line-up these days that looks and sounds great, and the album they have come up with is destined to be one of the punk highlights for 2013. Roll on albums Y and Z!


Tom Chapman