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Captain Sensible has left a message on his FACEBOOK page about the current Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible E.P.

"Fab! The four songs me and Charlie Harper recorded recently have just been released as an EP.... and in CD AND vinyl formats too.

I had no idea what my role was gonna be when the great man invited me down to his mates 'middle of nowhere' studio on the South Downs but the material was suggesting a kinda rock n' roll Krautrock approach so I sprinkled a liberal amount of 70s psych about during the session via fuzz guitar and a couple of wacky music apps on the iPhone and the results are pretty damn good - even if I say so myself!

Although I admit to having a seething resentment for the useless staff at Brighton's Churchill Sq Mac store for their non honouring of warranty policy I have to say that THUMBJAM and NANOSTUDIO on Apple's ios platform are totally inspiring little sound generators that I recommend highly if you have one of the aforementioned gadgets. (If you haven't then best to avoid the Cupertino c**ts products and buy an Android device).

Anyway, brief rant over - back to the record where weird bleeps and atmospheric drones have given Charlie's spaced out lyrics an other worldly vibe that runs throughout the project.

Grab one from the Subs website (linked) or we'll sign one for you at Charlie & Yuko's merch table at Blackpool Rebellion at 3pm-ish on friday August 9th."