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  • 25/08/2013: Charlie & Captain EP reviewed on Fungalpunk website

The fabulous Fungalpunk website has reviewed the new Charlie Harper/Captain Sensible EP:
"The Sci-fi subtleties, the rhythmic rebirth almost like a rapture and somehow a level of success is found away from what one would normally expect..."

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A collaboration from two long term cacophonic pirates who surely need no introduction. There is no harder working rocker than Mr Harper and no greater cretin than Mr Sensible (meant in the most charming way) and both have clocked up some reliable mileage on the old punkometer. I have long been a UK Subs fan (since 79 in fact) and can take or leave The Damned (although The Black Album is a masterpiece and they do have several gargantuan songs) and so I expected much from this 4 track effort. Will it be a case of continued quality, will it be a bout of nonsensical fiddling just for the sheer hell of it (with too much homage paid to the influences) or will it be the start of something new and very exciting? Who knows but we can at least try and find out!

The first oddity to burst from the scrotal bag of sound is entitled 'Too Much Reality', a sub-psychedelic radioed drift of pondering with an acousticised, folky feel beneath the upper soft pubescence of rich and living textures that gives this one a definite vibe to consider. The drift is meanderingly calming but the target is in sight and the duo never lose sight of it which, in itself, stops this from becoming a self-indulgent wank off. Harper's vocals are distinct, the slow swirling sonica in which he moves is complimentary and cool until the foot stamp of the chorus gently shatters any smug relaxation you may have had thoughts of. Initially I thought 'what the fuck', now I get it and the song thrives as a result. The suggestions of pre-punk, individual progression and an all round new soundscape to discover are there and after this opening burst I am keen to hear where we go next. Listen carefully though as when one picks up on the thread of disillusionment the whole construction rises even further. 'Space Virgins' is the follow on with many questions posed beneath a floating drift that is borne from futuristic vaults loaded with apprehension and perhaps, hope. This is a somewhat terse number and so gets a terse review as a result - only fair tha' knows. A new horizon is found, an external viewpoint is obtained and the true state of play with the human race is pondered - it seems the duo are happy on the outside (there is no better place to be). The Sci-fi subtleties, the rhythmic rebirth almost like a rapture and somehow a level of success is found away from what one would normally expect. I am always up for encouraging people to break out of the confines of their constructs and this one also gets a good old Fungal vote.

'Human Traffic' blues and grooves with hesitancy at first and then many slow roasted flavours bubble to the surface and the song wanders along self created sands of subtle emotion and whiskey soaked landscapes that are overpopulated with external distraction. The song has an essence of several Sub's efforts that have dripped my way and ones that always make one sit up and remember where Harper's soul was truly borne. The shock comes in the fact that the old harmonica stays tucked away and the drift levels out and refuses to break a set mould - this could be an error as a nice provocative segment that injected a confrontational edge to all around it would surely have enhanced the track - hey ho - just a Fungal thought. My least favourite of the lot and as I say just lacking that unexpected spunk. 'Kamera' is a tongue in cheek electro piss take of a niggle many of us have - use ya fuckin' phone to communicate - not take pictures and exchange a load of pointless bullshit ya daft twats. A drift, a jaunt, a repetitive dabble - there is much to build on here and I reckon if these two restless buggers really grind down they have the workings of a really inspiring product on their hands - this is not it though.

4 tracks, 2 really good efforts, 2 that leave me standing and feeling as though they are unfinished products just testing out new waters. As I say, I am all for moving out of safety zones, pushing new boundaries and my advice here is for collectors to consider, enjoy and push the creators to do more of this stuff and sharpen the end products with numerous questioning blades. My advice to the 2 'erberts at the acoustic helm - pull yer socks up, get stuck in and let's see that inspiring classic I mentioned - think on - you are never too old to be a slack arse wink, wink!