The following was the PETE DAVIES ARCHIVE homepage piece which ran until the end of May 2011:


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The Pete Davies Music/U.K. Subs Archive

The website editors are delighted that Pete Davies has given Time & Matter full access to his U.K. Subs archive, and we will be 'housing' it on this website in our T & Misc! section
(Quicklink - click here).

We are still currently in the process of scanning this invaluable archive, and this may take some time - but as a taster/teaser we have presented a listing of exactly what the archive entails.

We would like to thank Pete for his generosity and time.
Cheers Pete!

LATEST UPDATE: (+++20 January 2011+++)
Just published 145 cuttings from a scrapbook that Pete Davies' Dad kept on the U.K. Subs from 1978-1980. There is, as you can imagine, a fascinating variety of content to marvel at...