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Time And Matter Website Updates:

This website is constantly being added to.

Below is a selection of various updates as they go up, we haven't got time to list all the updates we do, but hopefully this will keep you abreast of some of the major additions...

Keep checking this page!

28 Dec: Polish 2 Part Cassette version of Greatest Hits Live added to discography
15 Dec: Press cutting re the December 21st, 1981 gig in Sheffield added
20 Aug: Selection of Charlie's paintings for sale at Rebellion - photo added
14 Aug: Videos from the Rebellion Festival gig on 10/8/13 added
09 Jun: 2 video links added for the 7/6/2013 gig in Wimbledon
03 Jun: YouTube footage of 30/5/2013 Preston gig added
13 May: Full set footage from the 11/5/2013 Swindon gig added
08 May: 5 YouTube videos from the Zikenstock Festival on 3/5/2013 added
21 Apr: Complete set footage from the 16/11/2012 gig in Dundee added
19 Apr: Damage Fanzine added with Charlie Harper interview
08 Apr: Gig ticket from 16/1/1979 Music Machine gig in London added
06 Apr: 9th December 1993 gig in Birmingham added to chronology
02 Apr: Russian cassette release of Punk Can Take it added to discography
01 Apr: New Zealand release of Backstage Pass added to discography
30 Mar: GEM discography added added to T & Misc.
20 Mar: Punk 'Essentials' added to discography
13 Mar: YouTube footage of the 8/3/2013 Drachten, Netherlands gig added
09 Mar: Mark Innes recalls supporting the Subs at their 5/4/1996 Bury gig
07 Mar: Photos and videos from the 23/2/2013 gig in Lyon added
06 Mar: Roxy Reboot added to Charlie Solo section
20 Feb: 14 superb photos by Per-Ake Warn from the 14/2/2013 gig in Vienna
19 Feb: Gig compilation footage/photos from the 12/2/13 gig in the Czech Republic by František Obhlidal
15 Feb: 7 songs from YouTube added from the 7/2/2013 Berlin gig added
10 Feb: New vinyl release of Endangered Species added
07 Feb: 5 photos from the 02/02/13 Gutersloh gig by Neil Raistrick added
06 Feb: 12 photos from the 31/1/2013 Bremen gig by Christoph Schiffer added
06 Feb: 29 photos from the 3/2/2013 Dortmund gig by Peter Andersen added
05 Feb: Photos from last night's gig in Hannover, Germany
31 Jan: YouTube footage by Rob Monster from last night's gig in Rotterdam, Netherlands
24 Jan: 2 photos by Vote Vasko of the 10/12/1981 gig at Tampere in Finland added
23 Jan: Mark Leighton from Hull recalls the 31/10/1980 Scarborough gig
22 Jan: Gig review of 14/12/2012 London gig - link added
15 Jan: Steve Jones from York recalls the 31/10/1980 gig in Scarborough
01 Jan: Flipside magazine #98 1995 added


Keeping you up-to-date with snippets of Subs related news from the internet...

04/11/2013: Gloucestershire Echo review of 1/11/13 gig
03/02/2013: UK Subs talked about by former Tesco boss on BBC Radio 4

10/01/2013: 'Easy English Episode 1 - York' YouTube language channel features Steve Roberts