"Move over little dog, a big dog's moving in..."

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  • Above: Bonefield UK CD release, 2012, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: T&M 007
Label: Time & Matter Records
Recorded: 2009 - 2011
Released: 3rd August 2012


Warhead (C Harper/P Slack)
War Baby (C Harper)
Hobo's Lullaby (G Reeves)
Not In My Name (C Harper/I Carnochan)
Summertime (G Gershwin/I Gershwin/D B Heyward/D Heyward)
Tomorrow's Girls (C Harper)
New Barbarians (C Harper)
Move It On Over (H Williams)
Cocaine (The Rev G Davies)
Swamp Dog Blues (I Carnochan)
Dragnet (I Carnochan)

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper (Knox on Swamp Dog Blues and Dragnet)
Electrid Guitar: Knox
Acoustic Guitar: Charlie Harper
Keyboards: Knox
Harmonica: Charlie Harper


Additional Musicians

Stan Standen: Additional Guitar on Hobo's Lullaby & Cocaine


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T&M 007

  • Above: CD.

  • Above: Production master, cover and disc.



  • Above: Promo flyer, limited edition of 100 copies

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  • Above : Press release



  • Above:Charlie & Knox perform "Warhead" live and acoustic at Gaye Adverts "Punk & Beyond Exhibition" Signal Gallery. Visit http://www.retromanblog.com for feature and photos


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