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  • Crash Course - UK Subs covers band logoPETE DAVIES GUESTS WITH UK SUBS COVERS BAND

Crash Course - UK Subs covers bandAt the Winchester Punk Festival today Pete Davies did a guest slot as drummer for the U.K. Subs covers band CRASH COURSE. Pete, who was at the gig playing drums for The Straps, guested on 'Emotional Blackmail' and 'Police State'.
You can find out more about 'Crash Course' and their forthcoming gigs on the link to the bottom right of this T&M homepage.
Crash Course are based in Bognor Regis, West Sussex and formed in September 2011. The line up is: Alan Calver - vocals, Joe Hastings - guitar, Simon Lockhead - bass & Dan Williams (aka Fat Dan) - drums.

Below is some footage of Pete's performance with Crash Course, taken by Wes Cohen of the brilliant Taped WebZine site.


Below: Gig poster - click to enlarge


Gig poster - click to enlarge