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Time And Matter Website Updates:

This website is constantly being added to.

Below is a selection of various updates as they go up, we haven't got time to list all the updates we do, but hopefully this will keep you abreast of some of the major additions...

Keep checking this page!

30 Dec: Flipside magazine #106 1997 added
23 Dec: Scans of Stranglehold press release pack added
22 Dec: Paul Fox benefit DVD added
02 Dec: Photo links and YouTube footage from the 30/11/12 Leicester gig added
30 Nov: Various flyers, tickets, posters (x 14) added for the November 2012 gigs
25 Nov: 6 videos by Travis Mctucky from the 24/11/12 Ashton-under-Lyne gig
27 Oct: Yet another re-release of 'Live From London' added to the discography
22 Oct: Flyer from the 15/2/1979 Brixton gig from Marc Brekau's collection
20 Oct: 4 photos from the 19/11/1983 Nottingham gig from Mark Greatorex
20 Oct: 2 photos from the 25/2/1985 Nottingham gig from Mark Greatorex
20 Oct: Art Whitton recalls the 23/10/93 gig in Bellingham, USA
19 Oct: Ed Thomas recalls lots of Subs gigs during 1979-80
18 Oct: Kev D's memories of the 19/3/92 Bathgate gig added
18 Oct: Ticket and pic from the Ritz, New York, USA 27/4/86 gig from Greg Fasolino
18 Oct: Review Copy of 'Another Kind Of Blues' LP from Andy Cutler's collection
17 Oct: Poster for the Battersea Arts Centre 22/9/78 gig from Pete Davies
10 Oct: 8 e-Bay high sales from early 2011 added to the Collectors' section
24 Sept: 3 promo photos from inside John Peel's copy of Huntington Beach
21 Sept: Adie Brown's article on a Teenage 7" with a Beatles label
16 Sept: Photos by Jen Rawson from the 13/9/12 Leeds gig - link added
25 Aug: C.I.D. 2008 USA 7" pic disc test pressings pictures added
26 July: 3 recent high sales from e-Bay added to our Collecting News section
24 July: Tomorrow's Girl! - Charlie, Amy and Andy - the story from the 7/7/12 Norwich gig!
14 July: UK Subs A to Z of Fast Facts article by Marc Brekau published
14 July: Ex-Subs bassist Mark Barratt's T&M archive updated
12 July: 1977 demo 7" single (released in 2009), added to our bootleg section
11 July: Steve Ignorant (Crass) at the Subs gig in Norwich 7/7/2012
08 July: YouTube footage of the 6/7/2012 Isle of Wight gig added
07 July: Steve Harnett archive added to T & Misc. section
01 July: Charlie's Harp donated to T&M museum >;o)
30 June: Charlie's Harbour Rats single added to Charlie's Solo discography
21 June: Footage from the 16/6/12 Milton Arms, Portsmouth gig by Stefan Isendahl added
19 June: Link to photos by Stuart McConnell from the 15/06/2012 Bideford gig
11 June: Complete gig footage links for the 14/11/1986 Ljubljana, Slovenia gig added
10 June: You Tube footage from the 11/5/2012 Glasgow gig added
7 June: 5 photos from the support gig to NOFX in Bournemouth 5/6/12 added
25 May: Charlie's 68th birthday - happy birthday from T&M
20 May: Video, reviews and pic links from the 17/5/12 100 Club gig added
14 May: Introducing a new member of the T&M team - Marc Brekau
1 May: Links to 3 sets of Facebook pics from the 28/4/12 Hastings gig

12 Mar to 30 April: No updates after this website was hacked

10 Mar: Photo of Jet and Charlie in Lucerne, Switzerland, before the 9/3/2012 gig
8 Mar: 22 photos by Alex Correa from the 2/3/2012 Milan gig added
3 Mar: U.K. Subs cake from the Martin, Slovakia gig 26/2/2012
2 Mar: U.K. Subs wine from the Pescara, Italy gig, 1/3/2012
1 Mar: 34 photos from the 14/2/2012 Düsseldorf gig added
29 Feb: YouTube footage and review of the 23/2/2012 Klub Barrák gig in Ostrava, Czech Republic
27 Feb: 2 photos from the 11/2/2012 gig in the Netherlands by Lídia Almeida
26 Feb: Video by Jet of the outside of the Randal Club in Bratislava (25/2/2012 gig)
26 Feb: 19 more photos from the 21/2/2012 Prague gig added - by Vojta 'Huggi' Florian
25 Feb: Link to photos from last night's gig in Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic added
24 Feb: 14 more photos from the Prague gig added - by Jaroslav Vančata
23 Feb: 28 more photos from the Prague gig added - by Tomas Hazoun
22 Feb: 30 photos from last night's Prague, Czech Republic gig by Dušan Kilčo Matějček added
21 Feb: 5 YouTube videos from the 19/2/2012 Klub Proxima, Warsaw, Poland gig added
19 Feb: Soundcheck photo from last night's gig in Cottbus by Jet
18 Feb: Photo from last night's gig in Berlin by Jet
13 Feb: Video of the Subs playing 'This Chaos' at La Clef, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France 10/2/12
2 Feb: Individual gig pages for this month added - please send us your photos from these!
10 Jan: Phil Quincey sends his memories of a Leicester gig in July 1979
5 Jan: Third Time & Matter website 'editorial' published today
2 Jan: Signed band postcard from USA sent in 1979 to Marc Smith added
1 Jan: Marc Smith's U.K. Subs Fan Club membership card from 1979 added


Keeping you up-to-date with snippets of Subs related news from the internet...

12/12/2012: 'Snappers rock on in new video shoot' - Steve Roberts story in Goole Courier
30/11/2012: York Press - Steve Roberts to do radio show
26/11/2012: Great set of photos and review of 23/11/12 gig by Gobo Photography Glasgow
24/11/2012: Neil Crud's below review also on 'Louder Than War' website
22/11/2012: Neil Crud's 'Link2Wales' website review of Buckley 22/11/2012 gig + pics
02/11/2012: Stevie Ze Suicide gunning for film gangster glory - Steve Roberts/York Press
14/09/2012: review and photos of yesterday's Leeds gig
04/09/2012: 'York musicians reunite' - Steve Roberts story in The York Press
26/08/2012: Mudkiss Fanzine review of Charlie playing with RIOTS in Norway
11/08/2012: Louder Than War website review of Rebellion Festival
09/08/2012: Caught in the crossfire website review of 31/7/12 gig
07/08/2012: 'Useless' magazine (from Germany) review of Rebellion Festival
06/08/2012: Link2Wales Blog review of Rebellion Festival
02/08/2012: Artrocker website photos by Beki Cowey of 31/7/12 gig
27/07/2012: Steve Roberts' new guitar... York Press story
16/07/2012: Listen to Paul Slack interviewed on 12/7/12 on Soundcloud
30/06/2012: Steve Roberts is all dolled up! York Press story
27/06/2012: Dorset Echo - 'Punk legends come to Bridport'
19/06/2012: review of 7 June gig at Eric's, Liverpool - link broken
01/06/2012: Article in The Guardian on Punk mentions the Subs
28/05/2012: Robert Ore's pictures from the 26/5/12 Brighton gig
19/05/2012: Great cartoon of Charlie via a Yuko (@ukolele) tweet
14/05/2012: Pic from the 13/5/12 Manchester gig by Man Alive! on Flickr
08/05/2012: Photographer Paul Slattery talks about the Subs on Podcast
06/05/2012: Steve Roberts was today's guest on The Snuff Monkey Show on wickedspinsradio
(York Press news story about Steve Roberts' new label from 9/2/12 HERE)
05/05/2012: Paul Slack's Blog has been updated
04/05/2012: Some top pics by Dean Stables from the 3/5/12 Doncaster gig
27/04/2012: York Press - Welsh Subs fan travels hundreds of miles for Steve Roberts' autograph
21/04/2012: Paul Slack's Blog has been updated (20/04/2012)
(Keep up to date with Paul's band Monica and The Explosion on our exclusive T&M page here)