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  • Above: Endangered Species US LP release, 2013, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: CLP 9860
Label: New Red Archives/Cleopatra
Recorded: August/September 1981
Released: January 2013


Side B:

Endangered Species (Garratt/Harper)
Living Dead (Gibbs) #
Countdown (Gibbs/Harper)
Ambition (Harper)
Lie Down And Die (Garratt/Harper)
Fear of Girls (Garratt/Harper)
Down On The Farm (Garratt/Gibbs/Harper)

Run-out groove: CLP 9860  A  5-84306

Side B:

Sensitive Boys (Garratt/Harper)
÷ 8 x 5 (Garratt/Harper)
Ice Age (Garratt/Harper)
I Robot (Harper)
Flesh Wound (Garratt/Gibbs/Harper)
Plan Of Action (Bonus Track) (Gibbs/Harper)
I Don't Need Your Love (Bonus Track) (Harper/Gibbs)

Run-out groove: CLP 9860  B  5-84307


Line Up

Vocals, Harmonca: Charlie Harper/Alvin Gibbs #
Guitar, Keyboard, Backing Vocals: Nicky Garratt
Bass, Backing Vocals: Alvin Gibbs
Drums, Backing Vocals: Steve Roberts


US re-release on purple vinyl and with the addition of two tracks; The Countdown single b-side 'Plan of Action' plus 'I Don't Need Your Love' (both recorded in the same sessions as the album), identical to the previous vinyl issue on Link Records in 1990.

First release by Cleopatra on New Red Archives after the label was aquired from Nicky Garratt some time in 2012. This was reported on T&M in November 2012 and the archived news story can be found HERE

The LP came in a plain paper sleeve with no insert.


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A side A-Side B-side B-Side



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