"From Genesis to Revelation"

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  • Above: Roxy Reboot UK LP release, 2013, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: Phree 103
Label: Phree
Recorded: ?
Released: 4th March 2013


Side One:

Armagideon Time ft. Knox (Vibrators)
Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall ft. TV Smith (The Adverts)
Police & Theives ft. Charlie Harper (UK Subs) *
Night Nurse ft. Duncan Reid & Honest John Plain (The Boys)

Run-out groove: PHREE 103 A


Side Two:

No Future ft. Ward 21
Should I Stay Or Should I Go ft.Natalie Storm
Pissheadsville ft. Serocee
Oh Bondage Up Yours ft. Terry Lynn

Run-out groove: PHREE 103 B


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper*
Other Musicians Featured: Samuel Riot & Melvyn Buss


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