URBAN DOGS ‘Bonefield’ CD  Time & Matter Records
For those of you that have never heard of the Urban Dogs, those of you who don’t know who Charlie Harper is and have never heard of the UK Subs, then basically its pointless you reading any further than this full stop. No! Seriously! The brief explanation is that the Urban Dogs have always been Charlie Harpers musical outlet other than the UK Subs. They have been around a long time, have had albums and this is their latest! In a real departure from what has gone before, this is the Urban Dogs Acoustic! The three chord, two minute long punk song merchants like me don’t normally take to well to this sort of stuff, but this is the punk legend that is Charlie Harper. He commands the highest of respect here at Suspect Device, so I was therefore duty bound to give this a listen. Now call me a creep if you like but this is actually really good. Charlie has teamed up with long time friend Knox of the Vibrators and put together eleven tracks of old tunes by the UK Subs, Urban Dogs, The Vibrators and a few new ones besides. The result is a very enjoyable, listenable album. Old Subs tunes Warhead and Tomorrows Girls work well as does the Vibrators ‘Dragnet’ and The Urban Dogs most well know tune ‘New Barbarians’. Don’t take my word for it though! Trust these guys who sold their souls to Punk Rock, in fact I think it’s true to say they are both of an age where they probably were ‘infected with the Devils music’ before Punk Rock as we know it even existed… (Gaz)